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Is Tokonomo the best Trustpad alternative?

Looking for Trustpad alternatives? See why Tokonomo is trusted by 5,000+ users.

Trustpad alternative

What is Trustpad?

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TrustPad is a fundraising platform that utilizes decentralization and multiple blockchain networks to provide a secure environment for early stage investors. By staking TrustPad tokens, users can gain priority access to high potential projects seeking capital.

What is Tokonomo?

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Tokonomo is a one-stop-shop for all things DeFi, utilizing a range of blockchain technologies to provide a user-friendly and secure platform for web3 users. We aim to transform the financial industry by providing entrepreneurs and traders with the means to access equal financial opportunities. On Tokonomo, you can raise funds, invest in cutting-edge projects, and safeguard your assets, among other opportunities. Our ultimate goal is to revolutionize the financial industry and make it more accessible to all.

Tokonomo has all the functionality that Trustpad has.

However, there is additional functionality that makes Tokonomo the best solution for your IDO:

More options

More options for editing the IDO after launch (the ability to reschedule the IDO date, for example)

Save on Gas

Save on Gas with Tokonomo’s optimized smart-contracts

Fast smart contracts

Faster operation of smart contracts and displaying data from the blockchain


Fast, automatic and free KYC (which links identity and your web3 wallet)

Metrics tracking

Tracking project metrics after they are listed on the DEX

Smart contracts scanner

Automatic smart-contract scanner

ROI tracking

ROI tracking for users 

Lower fees

Lower Fees

Compare Tokonomo and Trustpad Fees

ServiceTokonomo FeesTrustpad Fees
Create a presale:0 BNB + 2% of Tokens Sold + 2% of BNB Raised;
0 ETH + 2% of Tokens Sold + 2% of ETH Raised
Centralized platform, information not disclosed
Tokens Lock:FreeCentralized platform, information not disclosed
Liquidity Lock:FreeCentralized platform, information not disclosed
KYC:Fast and freeCentralized platform, information not disclosed
Project Verification:Free

What our users are saying about Tokonomo

“Easy UI and fast smart contracts. Haven’t noticed any bugs or lags for the time I use it. One of the best functions that I like is investments tracker on their IDO launchpad. Very helpful to track previous investments to see how much I earned/lost. Love using this platform! The fastest I have used so far. Definitely recommend it to everyone. You will enjoy it!”

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In conclusion, what makes Tokonomo the best Trustpad alternative to launch your presale?

First of all, it is an open and trusted team. The platform itself has more advanced functionality to launch your IDO and users. Continuous project support and discounts on any services to promote the project significantly increase the chances of your successful IDO. Therefore, undoubtedly Tokonomo deserves your attention.

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